(KM10) Disabling Tapping Modifier Keys in Search Field to Insert Command Key Glyph?

Howdy folks, I am curious if there is a way to disable the following feature in Editor in Keyboard Maestro 10...

  • Support tapping modifiers in editor search field to insert modifier symbol.

I often find myself inadvertently inserting modifier keys in this field, especially if I'm doing a global search. I didn’t see anything about it in the preferences pane, nor in the wiki.

Below is a link to the release notes where it talks about it. Thanks in advance!



Not currently, no.

Depending on whether this is just "hey, this is new, but I'll get used to it", or "this is ongoing really annoying", will depend on whether I do something more about it.

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Hey Peter,

I have the same problem and would love to turn the feature OFF.

OR have it work a little better – it inserts characters when I hold down a command key to run a script quite often.

It also regularly does a completion without my permission and mucks up my search.

I'll pay closer attention to make sure it's not me whose inadvertently tapping a key and inserting the character and get back.


Thanks for the reply Peter! The only reason I even mention it is because I have a macro set to insert modifier keys I've been using for awhile and am just used to using them that way.

Pretty much the same for me, glad I'm not the only one haha.


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I'm glad, I'm not the only one. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I saw the feature in the release notes, I thought it was a clever idea, but I, too, find myself regularly triggering it accidentally. Since I don't use modifier keys as search terms very often, and since I have text replacements for them anyway, I would be perfectly happy if I could just turn the feature off.

I initially thought the problem might be that I sometimes change my mind right in the middle of executing a keyboard shortcut and then release the command key without having pressed a second key, thereby inserting a command symbol. After a bit of systematic testing, though, it looks like there might be an issue with how the modifier key detection works:

If I, for instance, rapidly press and release ⌘←, the cursor jumps to the beginning of the search field, but KM also erroneously inserts a command symbol into the search field. So maybe implementing a brief blackout period for inserting symbols after pressing a modifier key together with another key would prevent many of the accidental symbol insertions that we are experiencing?


Hey Peter,

I'm continuing to have constant problems with my searches and workflow being disrupted by the tapped command key.

This happens all the time when I have an active search and the cursor is IN the search field and then I hit another keyboard shortcut for something – or switch to another app and back again.

Often what I'm working on is screwed up entirely without my permission, I'm left hanging, and I have to fix it.

I have all the glyphs in text-expansion macros anyway, so I definitely would like to be able to turn this feature OFF.


Agree on that it probably be good idea to turn it off , or even replace by context menu. Its current behavior is quite unpredictable as sometimes, it insert the modifier character, and sometime it doesn't. If replace by context menu or menu item, it will be reliable and practical because it can be accessed at any text input component.

I actually built a custom HTML Prompt window for insert modifier key, and can be activated through hot key trigger. If user click outside the window , it will automatically close.

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I have created a macro that insert modifier key(s) through prompt list which appear under mouse cursor (position prompt list is KM10 feature). I think this way is more practical as this does not disrupt some user's mode of operation, as this can be called as needed.

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Hi @peternlewis - I just wanted to chime in as a voice of support for the new feature. If it's going to be removed it would be good if that could be a User Option as it is working well for me.

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Manage to figure out the intermittent issue (eg sometimes the modifier is not insert, or sometimes insert twice) from observation as what happen in my case. What happen is that overtime, KM Editor run slower (more apparent if having large number of macros) , and the search become slow, and that cause the modifier not to be insert, or insert twice when the modifier key is tapped to insert.

I just discovered this feature tonight and I'm seriously disappointed that I didn't know about it months ago. I have text expansion macros such as =shift= for ⇧, which have been working for me, but simple tapping the Shift key is so sweet!,

Same issue and annoyance here. It occurs when I'm in the KM app and have an active search, and the cursor is in the search field. If I hit another keyboard shortcut for something else—even just COMMAND-TAB to switch to another app, the command key will be automatically inserted in the search field removing the very same Macro I was working on. @peternlewis Would it be possible to turn it into an option?

This issue is resolved for the next version.