KM10 SF Symbols

There are so many great new features in KM10. I am particularly loving the list that includes "minor changes" (things like being able to set the volume for spoken text).

Having the great collection of SF Symbols inbuilt to use as Macro Icons is really nice. But I have come across a problem - SF Symbols default to black and the icon foreground color chooser is gone for this font. Here is what I mean:

Any other font shows this:


I.E. to the left of the font name is a color chooser for the foreground.

But if any SF Symbol is chosen, the foreground color chooser disappears:


I hope this is easy to fix (@peternlewis) as all my Palettes are black... and I like to use white icons on them. And the SF Symbols offer such a great range of icons.

It's not, you cannot control the foreground color of the SF icons in the way they are used within Keyboard Maestro, not unless Apple add some new Mac APIs. Only the background color can be set.

I found a workaround was to set a light background and then reduce the opacity; that makes the background appear dark and it seems to trick macOS into displaying the symbol in a lighter colour.


I'd love for Apple to add an API for this — but then I've been saying the same thing about Spaces for years

Is there a way to copy icons directly from the SF Symbols app into the Streamdeck Set Image action? Currently getting a squished image on the streamdeck. Is there a way to customize the resolution to solve this?


I don't have Steamdeck and can't answer your question. I can offer that while in SF Symbols, right or control clicking a symbol gives a contextual menu where you can copy a symbol as a symbol that can be used as a text, copy a symbol as an image and adjusted in an image editing program, and finally and perhaps most usefully, the copy image as... command lets you set the point size, format (PNG or SVG) and pixel scale. Perhaps adjusting these parameters will give you a scaled image that doesn't squish?