KM11 Pushover Notification Action Stopped Working

Tagging @peternlewis for any insight he might be able to share.

My Send Pushover Notification actions have all stopped working the last few days. They timeout without sending the notification. The failures persist even after restarting the Editor and Engine as well as rebooting. I have clicked the Check buttons in the action to see if it can verify my token and user information, but it appears to timeout as the buttons eventually turn into red Xs (see attached screenshot).

I went to my pushover profile page and it looks like the issue may have started around December 5th (Tuesday) as that day saw a notable drop in sent messages, and there have been none since then (see attached screenshot).

Let me know if there’s something else I can check or more info I can provide to troubleshoot the issue. Thanks in advance!


Pushover Profile Page Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

Pushover Action Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

Failure Text From KM Engine (click to expand/collapse)
2023-12-09 19:11:00 Action 15144902 timeout exceeded. Macro “24)Batteries: Check MacBook Pro level” cancelled (while executing Send Pushover Notification).

Just did a test with my macros and Pushover still works. (11.0.2)

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UPDATE: It’s working again... though I don’t know why. Must have been a fluke. :person_shrugging:t2:

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