KM7 Action Context Menu (missing)


It is really great that in KM7 we can now get a right-click context menu on Actions in a macro to access the wiki site, among other things.

However, I found it surprising that there is no context menu for Actions in the Action list. It would be really great if, in the Action List, we could get menu items for:

  • Help (wiki page for that action)
  • Action List page on wiki
  • Add to Favorites OR Remove from Favorites [as appropriate]
  • Copy
  • Set color (OK, this is really wishful thinking)

It’s really the first two that are important.


Hey JM,

What actions list? The actions-menu? Or the insert-action dialog?

I note the actions-menu does not have help when the Option-key is down — unlike the functions and tokens. That seems like an oversight.

And I think it would be handy to be able to do this from the insert-actions dialog as well.


Sorry, I thought it was obvious. Is this called something else?


I call it the Insert-Action-Inspector to give it a unique name.   :slight_smile:

I reckon it’d be good to have help available there too if the API allows for it.


I think you’re way over-doing it! :astonished:

I don’t see any other list of actions.
IMO, simpler is always better. :laughing:

Let me see if the KM wiki names it anything…


It’s called Actions in the menu.

Technically it’s the Actions-Pane.


from the wiki:

To add an action, edit your macro, click the New Action button, or equivalently the + button below the detail view. This will show the lists of possible actions.

I’m going with Action List OR List of Actions :smile:

Hey JM,

Since actions can be listed in various ways (menu, insert-action-by-name, actions-panel) I think context is desirable.

To quote an old philosopher (somewhere) “context is key”.

I have also used “Action List” or “Actions” many times when helping people on the KM forums and had them say “Huh?”

This is why I prefer to specifically reference the editor when talking about the Actions Pane or Panel or Inspector. This is not merely personal preference but based on many instances of having to go back and forth more than necessary to explain things to people on the forum.


Actually there is only one list, what you are calling the actions-panel.
“menu” is not a list, its a menu.
“insert-action-by-name” is not a list, its a search box.

The problem is I don’t see any of the terms you are using defined anywhere.
On the main KM UI, there are several lists:

  1. Groups
  2. Macros
  3. Actions

This seems pretty intuitive to me.
When you look at a screen with a column of text of items, it seems pretty natural to call it a list.

I think you are over complicating things. :smile:


Indeed it is. It wont be fixed in 7.0.1 though.