KM7 Known Issues

Peter, I know most developers hate this, but you’re not the typical developer. :smile:

Would you mind posting somewhere the known issues for KM 7.0, so we (or really I) don’t butt my head too long against a brick wall? There really aren’t that many (only 2 or 3 as I remember), but with my luck I’ll pick the Actions with the issues.

You have been very forthcoming to confirming issues as they have been reported here – I just don’t remember them all. I should have been taking notes. :frowning:

Thanks, and one more thanks for the great KM7 – totally awesome! :sunglasses:
I’m just now digging into it.

####1. Find Image In Area

####2: Copy, Cut, and Copy to Named Clipboards

####3. Palette Theme Editor
the Theme Editor cannot be opened for empty palettes (makes sense) and attempting to do so cancels further operation with the Theme Editor.

The problem is that until I actually look in to something, I don’t know if it is really a bug, or just a misunderstanding, or confusion, or something specific to them, or whatever.

This is the current fix list for 7.0.1 which I really should ship sometime soon.

Changes in 7.0.1d1:

  • Fixed a crash when you switch the Screen Capture area to “Area”.
  • Fixed the Copy/Cut actions, not waiting long enough.
  • Fixed the Copy to Named Clipboard action, not waiting long enough.
  • Fixed Escape doing Get instead of Cancel on the Share to Forum sheet.
  • Fixed Application All Applications" trigger to only trigger for foreground applications.
  • Option-Return/Enter in Trigger Macro by Name edits the macro.
  • Fixed use a user locale for %ShortDate% et al tokens.
  • Web server custom.css MIME type set to text/css
  • Fixed a crash when editing the theme style of a macro group with no macros.
  • New Safari/Google Chrome Tab now works if there are no windows open.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the Folder Changed trigger.
  • Added Gemmell Purple palette style.
  • Worked around system bug with GetProcessForPID that affected activating applications.
  • Cleaned up some application handling code.
  • Fixed multiline text fields in plugin action editors.
  • Detect possible re-entrant call to load macros.
  • Option-Shift Start Debugging to debug clipboard issues.
  • Fixed a problem with clipboard history in Word 2016.
  • Fixed not edit display of hot key tapped twice trigger.
  • Allow 10.10.0-2, with a warning about Yosemite bugs.
  • Gear menu icon was not updated until the action was disclosed.
  • Undo while search field is selected should apply to search field.
  • Find Image action returns the full results (left,top,width,height,fuzz).
  • Turn gear icon blue if there is a note attached to the action.
  • Changed Share to Forum to use PNG instead of TIFF
  • Fixed Wireless trigger multiple firing issue.

Remaining on my 7.0.1 “to fix” list are:

Once they are done I’ll beta test 7.0.1 and then ship it. Given its late Wednesday (for me now), probably ship next week.

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####4. Option-Return to edit macro

Many thanks, Peter. :+1:

OK, my work is done here. :smile:

####5: Activating Running Applications Sometimes Throws an Error

###For a workaround until Peter releases 7.0.1, see