KM8 [Bug Report] Non-Editable Text in Disabled Actions


Sorry I didn't catch this before 8.0.3's release, but I discovered today after updating to it that text in standard text fields (i.e. fields not designated for variables or calculations) is not editable (including cut, copy, and paste actions, though that may go without saying). Hopefully this image will be enough to demonstrate the issue:

I'm unsure if this existed in versions prior to 8.0.3 as well, but it certainly exists for me now (at least in High Sierra 10.13.0, which I'm now running).

Looks like an issue when the action is disabled - I put a mask over the whole action to dim the whole thing down to make it more obviously disabled, but apparently that is causing an issue in editing some fields.

I’ll look in to it, though it may be a question of one or the other which is not ideal because the new disabled look is much better.

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Fixed for the next version. Thanks.