KM8 Bug Report -- Set Clipboard To


Got another potential bug that I'm hoping can make the 8.0.2 cut: When I try to use the new clipboard history switcher's Set Clipboard to actions, they end up pasting the clipboard as well as setting it.

Start with a blank document.

Select Set Clipboard to on a past history item (seems to affect both Set Clipboard to and Set Clipboard to…).

Item is pasted into document in addition to being set as the current clipboard.

Can anyone else confirm?

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I have moved your last bug report to a new topic.

Please start a new topic for each bug report.

This makes it easier to discuss and track.
And then, when a fix is made, the "Solved" checkbox can be checked.


Noted. I actually went back and forth on whether or not to make this new bug its own topic or not, but since the original thread’s title was, I thought, ambiguous enough to accommodate another bug, I ended up erring on the side of trying to avoid possible topic clutter. Won’t happen again.

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Fixed for 8.0.2