KM8 Feature Request: Dictionaries Preferences Pane

The addition of dictionaries is a great new KM8 feature, but I think they could be even more useful if we could view, manage, and search through dictionaries, keys, and values in KM's preferences, the same way we can with variables. Perhaps something like this, where clicking on a dictionary in the preference pane shows a two-column table with different rows for each key and value?

(apologies for the amateurish mock-up; image manipulation is not one of my strong suits)

While it would be great if this could be implemented for 8.0.3, I understand that something of this magnitude may well require more development time so as to be more appropriate for an 8.1 or 8.2 release, and that's totally fine, but I do hope you'll at least consider it (or, in the very likely case that you have already considered this and rejected it for reasons I'm unaware of, please enlighten us as to your reasoning). Thanks again for such a great release with KM8!


It’s a good idea, and it might happen one day.

You could use the tools already there to list the dictionaries and their keys and produce an HTML report.


Glad to hear my idea might prove useful! No rush on this one; if it happens someday, I’ll just be glad that it did :slightly_smiling_face: