KM8 update - Issues, had to roll back


Ahh, that actually explains it. \R clearly was not supported prior to 10.11. So prior to 10.11 it was just an “R”.

That actually makes me feel a bit better.

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Just curious, is ICU’s regex library the one that macOS uses, then? I tried to find an official home for “the definition of regex patterns” and they all seem to be platform, language, and library dependent.

Yes, Keyboard Maestro uses the system regex, which is based on icucore (apparently an older version in 10.10).

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Good to know! Thanks!

I believe all of these issues were resolved/fixed with the Keyboard Maestro 8.0.1 update.

If not, please reply with details about the open issue.

In the future, we request that each issue/bug report be posted in a separate topic, so it is easier to discuss, track, and then mark "Solved" when a fix is released.


Fixed in Keyboard Maestro 8.0.2.
Please confirm, and post reply of "Solved".

@juljuljul, I believe all of these issues have been fixed by Keyboard Maestro 8.0.2 update.

Please confirm the fix, and check "Solved" if fixed.

multiple “Search and replace Clipboard” actions disappeared in random macros, not all though (medium weird)

Did you find out where the issue was with this ?

Sorry, I don't see that specific issue mentioned on the KM 8.0.2 update.
If this issue is still occurring for you, please post in a new topic, and provide a much detail as you can. Try to identify a pattern to the macros which are affected.

That is caused by running Keyboard Maestro 8 then going back to Keyboard Maestro 7 without properly reverting. At that point they are lost and wont be restored even if you then upgrade to version 8 again.

The only way to get them back is to revert properly to version 7 macros (wiki and then extract them that way.

Actually, this technique might work, but I’d make sure I had good backups first:

  • Quit and relaunch the Keyboard Maestro 8 editor
  • Select File ➤ Revert Macros ➤ Before Version 8
  • Check your macro with missing actions. If the Search & Replace macros are there, export the macro.
  • Select File ➤ Revert Macros ➤ At Editor Launch (or Before Last Revert)
  • Your macros should be back to the way they were when you started.
  • Import the macros you exported.

thanks so much for your super fast response, really appreciate it

Confirmed: fixed in 8.0.3

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Confirmed: fixed in 8.0.3

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At least now you guys can upgrade from 6.4.8 :wink:

Are you saying that killer bug was introduced already with version 7.0 ?!

(That would mean not a single KM7 user has ever used the Write System Clipboard action in the past two years…:open_mouth:)