KMCheatCode: when macros meets cheat codes

This simple macro is based on Switch/Case action to assign several macros to one code. The code itself is prompted via form, done in HTML/CSS and JavaScript. To execute – press 'Return' or 'Enter', to cancel prompting - press 'Escape'. If you mistaken, the macros will be ended with the 'glass breaking' sound.

How to install:

  1. Download the zip file from GitHub Repository or Keyboard Maestro Forum.
  2. Copy sound files ('KMCCinit.wav' and 'KMCCFail.wav') to path: ~/Library/Sounds/
  3. Import the 'KMCheatCode.kmmacros' by double-clicking the file.

This is a version 0.1a of macros. For future updates - check the repository at GitHub or this topic at forum. Opened for feedback!


A little more about: (10.7 KB)