[KMFAM] Variable "kmfamSelectData" - What Does It Do?

Hi @DanThomas,

Thanks again for creating and sharing all these wonderful macros.

I have a question about the variable "kmfamSelectData" in [KMFAM].

When I run List KM variables by size, and offer deletion of a selection, it shows that some of the variables used by the [KMFAM] set are among the largest size.


Out of curiosity, I searched for the largest variable "kmfamSelectData". I found that only one macro has it:

I copied the file to text editor and found only one place having it:

The script sets KM variable. I don't see where it is used.

Can you let us know what it is used for?


It's used in one of the Custom HTML Prompts, whose sources are in the "lib" subfolder of the KMFAM Resources folder.

I'm not sure why those variables aren't getting cleaned up. Feel free to check the "cleanup" actions at the end of some of the macros, to see what's going on. You can add some actions to specifically clean them up if you want.

Let me know what you find.

"One of these days" I'll change all that code to use Local and Instance variables.

Hi Dan,
Thanks for your prompt reply.

I searched for "Cleanup Variables" in the [KMFAM] group and found the below macros:

The first two have a simple cleanup action:

The 3rd one has a condition, but I did not find the variable setting action anywhere. So the conditional seems to be always false, therefore, the cleanup action will not be executed at all. Maybe the macro somewhere allows us to set kmfamSelect_DontCleanup to 1, but I could not find it.

The last one is disabled.

I think I probably need to do something with the 3rd and 4th one.