KMOSC Using keyboard maestro with OSC

I created a simple bridging app to be able to trigger macros from OSC enabled hardware and software. You can find it at

It's a very early version and any feedback is welcome. I wil try to make a youtube video how to use it soon.

to send OSC back from Keyboard Maestro i use sendosc with shell script.


I added a youtube explanation on my website at

or on youtube

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I released version 0.0.2 on my website and on github Release v0.0.2 · garethloot/kmosc · GitHub

I did not like that i hade to depend on sendosc so i created a Send OSC Message plugin for keyboard maestro that works with KMOSC v0.0.2.

Screenshot 2024-03-09 at 18.40.34

If i have time i wil try to make a youtube video again an maybe go a little more in debt about how to use it with Open Stage Control

This is great, @Gareth_Loot! I've been wanting to send OSC messages directly from KM for a while. Without actual OSC implementation, this has become the simplest, lightest option.

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Thanks, new version coming soon. I was using deep linking but that means the current app looses focus for a moment. I new version KMOSC is also a CLI that can send OSC messages just like Keyboard Maestro. But this time i want to do some more testing before i release it.

Also i have a prove of concept working for KMOSC for Visual Studio Code because one of the main areas that i want to control from Open Stage Control is vscode.

New version wil come with a more in depth video about how to setup Open Stage Control and use it as a giant TouchBar. I wanted a giant TouchBar for years but finally the peaces are falling in to place.

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CLI would be great! It would open a whole suite of other automation opportunities, like Alfred.

As a CLI, would it still require the background process/ menu item?

I tried to send you something through bunq, but between my business credit card and not being in Europe, buns didn't want to play. Any chance you have another place to take donations?

I have released version 0.0.3 and it can be found on or github

It works like a CLI as well and the app does not have to run to use the CLI
as a alternative you can also use sendosc

I also added some extra explanation to my website and some more donation options.
A extended YouTube video wil be done this week and i will let you know when it's done.

If there any questions let me know


  • Finish in depth YouTube video called Giant custom TouchBar using Keyboard Maestro, Open Stage Control and KMOSC
  • Create VS code extension trigger commands and respond to OSC messages. Like which language is active. I want this mainly for vscode snippets but controlling any thing is a nice extra