KMTrigger, not executing macro

I setup a macro that I want to be triggered by clicking on a URL.
I believe that we aren't needed to put a trigger into the macro for that, it should execute by name when it gets it from the URL.

Right now the macro just has an prompt user for input action.
When I click on a url with kmtrigger, it doesn't actually run the prompt. If I manually trigger the macro, it does so I know that isn't the problem.

Here is what I have setup:

And this is what happens when I run it...

Any suggestions? Have I completely miss-understood how the trigger is supposed to work?

Hi David,

This appears to be a Word issue rather than a KM one. I get a similar non-response if I try running a macro from a URL in Word, but the exact same URL works fine when run from the address bar in either Safari or Chrome.

That said, there's one more issue with the URL as you currently have it configured: you're missing the = sign from the value part. In your video, your URL is written as


when it should be


When written incorrectly, the URL won't run no matter what app you use to launch it, so make sure to be careful about syntactical things like that.

It really seems to be a limitation in Word. If I test it on Pages, it works.
Since I don't use Word myself, I can't tell you any more.


This is an issue with Word. It is erroneously adding a slash to the end of the URL (you can see it if you look carefully at the dialog 10 seconds in to the video).

I have adjusted future versions of Keyboard Maestro to allow/ignore an extraneous trailing slash at the end of the URL (this does not affect macros with names ending in slashes, since such slashes need to be percent encoded anyway).