KMVAR and quotes

Hi there,

I use ImageMagick through 'Execute Shell Script' to generate text image.

If I put convert label:'José Grandmont', here is my image:

If I put 'José Grandmont' in a variable and then use this variable in the script convert label:"$KMVAR_Name", here is my image:

The accented characters are not recognised.

With convert label:'$KMVAR_Name', here is my image:

I tried a bunch of scripts without any success:

convert label:'\"$KMVAR_Name"\'

convert label:'"'"$KMVAR_Name"'"'

Any help?


I think you've run into an old problem with the shell having nothing to do with quoting. See KM Shell and Diacritic Variable Names / Values.

Thank you! Solved with this answer by @peternlewis:

I had seen the topic when I made a search but I had missed the right answer…