Last name of the first author

Can you guys help me to capture the Last Name of the First Author.

Here are the name patterns:

  • Carol Padden, Irit Meir, So-One Hwang, Ryan Lepic and Sharon Seegers,
  • John B. Haviland
  • D.N. B. Dixon

What I want is to capture "Padden" from the first, "Haviland" from the second and "Dixon" from the third.

Hi @Desalegn,

Can you clarify more?
Where do you have the source string for process? Read it from a file to variable? Copy it to the clipboard?
Also, how do you want the result to be formatted? Capture the one last name at a time and do something, then the 2nd last time, or capture them all together, separated with ,, ;, tab, linefeed?

I already put the names of the authors to the variables.
I want to capture the Last name of the first Author from the Author Variable.
I have tried

^.* (\w+).*

But, it is not matching correctly.

11_03_21 at 10.22.52PM

Your screenshot shows that there is yet another pattern: Oksana Thachman And Wendy Sandler, which makes the regex a bit more complex.

Are you sure these are all the patterns?

It looks like you only need to capture one last name at a time, right?

Oh, yes, that is another pattern. But, I was thinking it would be the same pattern to the first one: Carol Padden because the first author is set as "FirstName LastName".

The focus is only on the first author.

I am hopping that the macro will be able to capture exactly the last name of the first author every time I run it.

To clarify the background, I am trying to scrap references from Table of contents of Edited books. The names come in different patterns. I want to put the LastName of the First author as my CitationKey. that is why I want to get that one only.

In the screenshot, I was trying to capture "Tkachman". But, I am getting "Sandler".

They are different to computer. In the first case, the last name is followed by a comma ,.
In your screenshot, it is followed by ░And (there is a space before `And.

Try this macro below. It works with all the patterns you've posted. If there is yet another pattern, let us know.

RegEx.kmmacros (1.7 KB)

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This has worked beautifully. Thank you so much dear @martin