LastPass Mini Window (called LastPass Site Search)

Everyday at work, I have to login to company Intranet at least 5-6 times. It is pretty annoying. I use LastPass but even using the mouse to select the id and password is tedious.

What I normally do is using Alfred snippet (backslash and o) to expand my username. Then at the password field, I press CMD-SHIFT-L, which is a LastPass short cut to open the LastPass mini window. Then I type intranet and move my mouse over to copy password and I press a CMD-V to paste.

Now, I want to automate this using KM.

My simple macro is as below:

That mini LastPass window is not navigable by keyboard i.e. I cannot press Tab-Tab to go to the "copy password" icon. I suppose I need to automate the mouse movement but I am not sure how.

Is there a better way to do this?

Ok, I learned to use the Move and Click of the Found Image. It's not elegant, but it works. What a superb program, this Keyboard Maestro is !


Have you considered putting the password into the Keychain (Set Keychain Password to Text action) and using the Set Variable to Keychain Password action to retrieve it and type it? Thus avoiding LastPass altogether for this usage case.

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That’s a good idea. While I don’t use Keychain, I can just keep the one intranet password there so that it’s faster to retrieve the password using the actions you mentioned above. Having said that, the graphics matching action works equally fast. I’ll try the Keychain actions just for fun. Thank you.