LaTeX file-making & open-PDF

My previous ENQ was [Hazel & Keyboard Maestro & LaTeX PDF export via Skim].
(Now I have cut through the red tape, and rewite my ENQ )
What I'm saying that at the beginning,Thanks a lot for this User Forum.

[ Open Downloaded PDFs in Preview.kmmacros ] gives me an Idea how to automate to open with from My LaTeX compiling to PDF file.
I got an answer what I am doing with UltraEdit.
Where I need to change this kmmacro are specifying folder's name and where PDF file in. That is all.Thank you so much for this author.

And now comes out another ENQ.
You will appreciate that. I will demonstrate by my action.
First of all, I made a master.tex and come down content-1.tex, content-2.tex, content-3.tex, ....etc. ,
In this master.tex using in parallel with simplest command as bellow:


Thank you for being so understanding.

The important part begins here.

Q 01 : Is there a possibility that content-3.tex, can I add automatically [New tex] name after this [ \include{content-3.tex} ] sentence in serial form ?
Exp. in serial form : \include{content-4.tex} ??

Q 02 : And same time can I get a new tex file as the same name what I add in master.tex ???

Q 03 : If possible, when I push this Keyboard Maestro macro, this add a postscript's number will always augment [+1] ???
Thanks in advance.

Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU (boehmflute)

I would like to get specified file's name.
In my document, there are 3 files name.
How can I hunt last {content-3.tex} file ?

I try to figure out how to access and rename from [content-3.tex] to [content-4],in my master.tex,with Regular Expression.

Using [ {.+?} ], I found 5,{jarticle} {document} {content-1.tex} {content-2.tex} {content-3.tex} .

{jarticle} {document} will be excluded from those choicing.

Using {.+?}[^...], same result,{jarticle} {document} {content-1.tex} {content-2.tex} {content-3.tex} .

I do not want to get neither {jarticle} nor {document}.

How can I specify {content-3.tex} file's name in my [master.tex] file.

Even I would like to know how to pick up [content-2.tex][content-2.tex][content-3.tex],and next how can I specify [content-x.tex], this numbering with Regular Expression ?
Thank you for being so understanding.
Anything you could do for cues would be very much appreciated.

Yours, WAKAMATSU (boehmflute)

Thank you for everyone at the Keyboard Maestro user forum.
How are you getting along?
Let's try to give easy-to-understand questions!
Especially, Dear Mr.JMicaelTX, Thank you for your note.
Recently, I divided the troublesome questions here, into subdivisions, "individually.
When I changed the topic of this place to an individual question, thanks to you, I am moving forward one step at a time.
LaTeX file conversion with UltraEdit.
How to launch the automatic display of the PDF file after that.
How to find a character string in the main.tex file.
I'm telling you how to solve various problems.
I also got a polite answer using RegEX.
Thank you for all from the bottom of my heart.

Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU (boehmflute)