Launch a homekit scene using km?

hi, how might i be able to use km to launch a homekit scene? thank you! -todd

You can’t do that natively but you can if you get this third party app;

Which works well with keyboard maestro

Note that it is possible that this will be possible in Monterey without HomeControl using Shortcuts for the Mac.

The next macOS version due any time now has a new utility called Shortcuts which is available from the command line which is therefore accessible from the KM action "Execute Shell Script". So you can make a KM macro that calls the Shortcut that triggers something like this:

So the value 99 is the brightness level that the lamp is running at and this value can be easily returned to KM to let my macros find out how bright the lamp is, or what temperature it is in my house, etc.

This is very exciting and I'm eager to start using KM to control my home. For example, I'd like to create a macro that monitors my home's temperature and tells me whenever the temperature changes. With KM, that will be very easy.