Launch All Apps on One Screen; Each App Is Full Screen

Launch all apps on one screen; each app is full screen, and one application is on top of the other in a pre-defined order.

I already know how to position apps and manipulate windows, but I haven't found a way to specify that all apps should open on one screen or one space on my Mac.

Any help is appreciated!

  • Launch your app.
  • Pause Until – app is frontmost.
  • Pause Until – menu item "Enter Full Screen" is enabled.
  • Activate menu item "Enter Full Screen".
  • Continue...

Hey! This has helped, I shared the macro here: Position Apss Macro (v10.2)

It previously didn't work for me as expected because of the tiling window manager's layout interference. It turns out my column layout was on the current screen, so it has overridden the full-screen action of KM. Now, when the full-screen layout toggle is turned on, it executes as expected.

I'll have to bind a global shortcut to toggle the full-screen layout and run that shortcut before the macro executes (via KM, obviously). Or, might there be a better way to do this?

What window manager?

Your macro is just zooming to the maximum screen size – it's not going Full-Screen as Apple defines it.

Is that what you wanted to do?

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What window manager?
Edit: I used the "Type Keystroke" action (;

It works as intended now, zooming into the maximum size.

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