Launch Application with Command-Line Parameters?

I feel silly that I can’t figure this out, but how do I launch an application with command-line parameters?

I want to launch a program like this:

myapp file1 file2

How do I do it?

Hey Dan,

What app? A normal app or an AppleScript applet?


It’s a normal app. Beyond Compare. Although what I want to run is actually an app inside the overall app bundle, but I don’t mind supplying the full path to it, so it’s no big deal.

I can do the shell script. I just figured there would be a native KM Action for it.

Thanks, and thanks for the link!

There is the "Open" Action, but I'm not sure it will handle parameters:


Since there’s two files to be specified, I didn’t think that one would work.

Applications do not generally take command line parameters.

However you can use the open command:

/bin/open -a TextEdit file1.text file2.txt
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