"Launch Engine at Login" keeps disabling itself

I'm having a problem with KM 8.2.4 on macOS 10.12.6 where KM seems to stop working, and when I check the Preferences, I see that the "Launch Engine at Login" has been disabled.

When I check the box again, it immediately UN-checks itself. When I check Activity Monitor, it appears that the "Keyboard Maestro Engine" continues to be running, and is not in a frozen/zombie process state.

I've checked to see that the requisite Security & Privacy permissions have been granted to KM.

Any ideas what's going on here?

The checkbox in the Login Items means “Hide”, which you do not want enabled for Keyboard Maestro Engine. Keyboard Maestro will turn it off if it gets a chance because Keyboard Maestro Engine should not be hidden.

That does not explain the “KM seems to stop working”, which sounds more like a crash or other issue. There is a bug in OS X 10.12-10.13 that can crash the Keyboard Maestro Engine, and that can affect some people fairly often, though most people do not see it. The usual result is Keyboard Maestro Engine crashing on system wake. Thankfully this bug is resolved in 10.14. So perhaps that is the issue.

Sorry for the late followup, but shortly after I posted the original post, the issue seemed to resolve itself on its own.

However, it just came back, and I'm finding that my Macros are not working anymore because of it.

To clarify my original post: I wasnt talking about the "Login Items" checkbox for KM. I was referring to the "Launch Engine at Login" checkbox in the KM "Preferences: General" tab.

Generally the only reason the Launch Engine at Login would get turned off would be translocation, or multiple different versions of Keyboard Maestro on your Mac.