Launch keyboard maestro macro and focus on search field

hi, i have a macro that launches km, how can i have that macro default to having km's search field in focus so i can instantly type to search for a macro? thanks! -todd

Hi Todd,

Instead of having the macro default to the editor's search field, I would suggest using this action at the end of your macro:

Select or Show a Menu Item.kmactions (724 Bytes)

to bring up the Select Macro by Name search panel:

I think this is more easily automatable and has the advantage of searching every macro, not just the ones in the editor's currently selected group, so I'd give it a try first. Incidentally, if you want to invoke this panel manually while in KM, the default shortcut is M, so I'd suggest giving that a try too the next time you want to search for a macro.


oh, that is suh-weet! thanks @gglick for the good proactive help! i appreciate it. :slight_smile: -todd

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