Launch Macro from iOS Device

Looking for a way to run a Macro on my Mac but triggered from my iOS device, is this possible? This is handy for shutting down a Mac/locking it, etc.

I guess it's a remote web trigger, is there a tutorial somewhere for this?

Hi @bocciaman, in this post you will find a way to trigger a KM macro via a shortcut SSH action on the Mac.

In the video you will find at minute 1:20 an instruction for the SSH action.
Please note that this only works on the same network.

Another possibility would be the triggering via an iCloud Drive action:

Simply save a text file in a separate folder (iCloud Drive / Siri Shortcuts) and monitor it with a KM macro to trigger your actions on the Mac.


Why not use the Keyboard Maestro Control app that’s in the App Store? It gives access to all your macros. Just saying.

I just downloaded the app but will try shortcuts as well.

I used the KM app yesterday but now all my Macros are available via the app. is there a way to designate a group or specific Macro only to appear on the iOS app?