Launch Reminders and Reveal a Specific List?

Hi All

Was trying to see if i can launch reminders and jump specifically into a specific list?

I saw there is a x-apple-reminderkit:// Command but cant find any way to find out the id of specific lists.

Thx a lot.


I suspect you want the "right way" to do it, but if you are willing to do it a "wrong way", try this:

  1. Go to the System Preference and turn on "Type to Siri"
  2. Activate Siri using the mouse on the Siri Button
  3. use a KM action to type the string "Open Shopping List" (or whatever your list name is called)
  4. Double click near the upper right corner of the screen (where Siri posts its text results)
  5. Done.

My life is filled with "wrong way" macros, because so many things that I want to do "can't be done."

tell application "Reminders"
   show list "Your List Name"
end tell
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Thx as always @ccstone!

This works really well aside from lists that are in groups ie:


Any clue how does one show the list inside a group, that is the work admin list in the above example?



I don't have groups on Mojave, so I can't test – but try this:

tell application "Reminders"
   show list "Your List Name" of group "Your Group Name"
end tell

thx so much @ccstone

i got this error when trying to execute the macro

2021-11-21 08:48:59 Execute macro “Reminder::work admin” from trigger Duplicate Macro Palette
2021-11-21 08:49:00 Action 5921 failed: Execute an AppleScript failed with script error: text-script:76:77: script error: Expected end of line, etc. but found “"”. (-2741)
2021-11-21 08:49:00 Execute an AppleScript failed with script error: text-script:76:77: script error: Expected end of line, etc. but found “"”. (-2741). Macro “Reminder::work admin” cancelled (while executing Execute AppleScript).

any clue?

Hey Z,

Please test AppleScripts that aren't specifically dependent upon running in a Keyboard Maestro context in either the (Apple) Script or preferably Script Debugger.

(The commercial version reverts to a freeware "lite" version after a trial period and still eats the ASE for lunch.)

Drop the Reminders app on the ASE or SD to see its AppleScript dictionary.


thx for the great tip!

here is the error in script debugger (which i already had a V7 license but never had a time to check :))

i don't actually see a group reference in SD at all :slight_smile:
does that mean apple simply haven't implemented that in Applescript?

thx alot again, learning tons from your help


You mean in the Reminders AppleScript Dictionary?

yeah :slight_smile:

What macOS are you using?

Dig into the Reminders application package and find the .sdef file. Zip that and post it here.


thx @ccstone !

im on latest macOS (Monterey)

attached is the sdef file you requested (1.9 KB)


Hey Z,

Try this:

tell application "Reminders"
   tell list "Your List Name"
      show reminder "Your Note Name"
   end tell
end tell


thx so much again

this dosent work yet i think this is since its looking for a list and then a specific note? what im trying to achieve is jump to a list within group. sorry for not perhaps being more clear.

here is a screenshot of the group and the list


so the group is Work and the list is Work admin

thx for all your kind help, its really appreciated!


I'm out of ideas for now.

Here's another crazy idea. Turn on voiceover in System Preferences then use OCR (preferably the Monterey OCR) in the voiceover pop-up window in the lower left corner of the screen to "see" the name of the list that your mouse is hovering over. Move the mouse (or use the down arrow) through the reminder app's left pane until that bottom window contains the name of the list you are searching for.

This idea will work. But it probably won't meet your "speed requirements." Although you didn't actually say you had any speed requirements. Sometimes I run macros overnight so speed isn't important. I'm not sure if speed is important to you or not. Maybe it isn't. Or maybe it is.