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Continuing the discussion from Paste snippet from Quiver:

@raguay (Richard),

Thanks for sharing your LaunchBar custom Actions. They all look very useful, but for now I’d like to just download/install the LB Actions concerning Quiver.

Sorry if I’m missing something basic here, but I don’t see how to do the following:

  1. Download only the Quiver related LB Actions from your GitHub.
  2. Install these Actions into LB.
  3. How to use the Action to select a Quiver Note, and copy/paste it into a code editor (like Script Editor).

If there is another web site you would prefer me to use to post these questions, please provide the URL. I looked on your site, but did not see a way to post questions.

Many thanks for your help.

Michael, probably you have missed the Edit in my answer to you other post.

Thanks, Tom, got it.
But I first need to know how to download @raguay’s LB action for Quiver.
It’s probably a Github thing, which has a poor UI, IMO.

In GitHub click the green “Clone or download” button, select “Zip”. Expand the downloaded archive, pick the Quiver Actions and drag them to the Actions folder. (~/Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Actions/)

@raguay, OK, I've finally managed to load your LB Quiver Actions, thanks to @Tom, and some trial-and-error.

Maybe I messed things up during the install, but I'm getting two errors:

###After I sent my Quiver Lib to the Action:

###When I try to drill down into Quiver Snippets via the [RIGHT ARROW] key:

I deleted the LB Action and reinstalled, but got the same error.


BTW, I found it very frustrating trying to find the "help file" you mention in your GitHub Readme. Turns out you can't see it untill AFTER installation has completed.
It would be much better to publish this "help file" as a PDF and post it on the GitHub so we can see it and better understand how to install/use your LB Actions.

Here is a PDF I printed from the Quiver Action Help notebook that gets installed:

Launch Bar Quiver Snippets Action (226.7 KB)

I’m so sorry, but I have never seen any of these posts until right now. For some reason, I’m not getting any notifications.

Some of your frustration comes from the fact that it was originally an Alfred workflow that I added to LaunchBar as well. I assume everyone would install the action, then read the readme in Quiver itself since that seemed to work fine on the Alfred side.

If you still have some issues or questions, please let me know and I will try to help you out.

Again, sorry for not seeing these posts before.

Thanks for responding.

My main frustration is not being able to view the complete LB install instructions PRIOR to doing the install. My suggestion would be to provide the complete instructions in a ReadMe and/or PDF in your Github files that is independent of both LB and Quiver.

I need, and I believe all users need, complete, detailed installation instructions that do NOT assume any knowledge of LB or your custom action.

I have just setup a new Mac, a iMac-27, and I would love to have these instructions BEFORE trying to install your LB Quiver Actions.