LaunchBar (LB) Action for Chrome Tabs

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There does not appear to be a native LB Action for this, but there is a custom one:
lb6-actions/Chrome Tabs.lbaction at hlissner/lb6-actions --

After wasting a lot of time trying to find the "" file stated in the Readme on this page, I finally found I had to download ALL of this developer's LB actions. So to save anyone reading this the time, here's an upload of just the Chrome Tabs Action:

LaunchBar Custom Action for Chrome Tabs

Chrome (68.3 KB)

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OK, I've got this installed, but it does not work for me quite like the ReadMe says:

  • Press space on a tab to switch to it without closing Launchbar (nifty for browsing your tabs)
  • Press enter to switch to it and to Chrome, closing Launchbar

Pressing the SPACEBAR also closed LB.

But I found that if I did this, then it worked:

  1. Trigger LB
  2. Type Abbreviation for Chrome Tabs ("CT" in my case)
  3. Press RETURN
    • This shows the list of tabs open in Chrome
  4. ARROW UP/DOWN to navigate
  5. Press RIGHT-ARROW to show that tab, and keep LB open
  6. Press LEFT-ARROW to return to the LB list
  7. Repeat Steps 4-6 as desired to shown other tabs
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