Launching a scanner

hi, is there an easy way to have km launch a scanner from a keystroke trigger (my scanner is always connected)? thanks! -todd

We need more info:

  1. Which scanner?
  2. Which software to you use?
  3. How do you launch it manually?

But chances are if you simply have a KM Macro that Activate a Specific Application action of the scanner software that will do the job.

hi, thanks!… a screenshot is attached of how i’ve been using the scanner, is that enough info?

You need to research the Canon MX920 to find out if there is any software that will activate or use the scanner, even a command-line program would work. I'd start with a google and/or visit to the Canon support page.

ty! i didn't even know that was possible. forgive me, i took the "easy" (inelegant) way out – screenshot attached

– since canon support has never been stellar, plus in the future i might change scanners. thanks for your good help on this though (!) -todd