Learn image or text and click on it

I want to set KM up in such a way that it recognizes a symbol, or a text on a webpage and then clicks on it.

Is the text or image is not available I want KM to cancel the macro so that it starts over again.

The macro actions are set up in repeat mode.

Goal: I want to auto click the word : Instagram (or the Insta Icon on a webpage, preferably the icon, is the icon (or the word: Instagram) is not to be found I want to stop the macro and start over again (repeat)

I know how to setup repeat action.
I need help with learning KM to click on an image or a specific text on a webpage.

Use the move or click mouse action.

You can use a cancel this macro action but if you are then going to restart it, perhaps dealing with this under a loop (using loop, while or, as you mention, repeat) might be more suitable – it depends on the rest of your macro and your aims.

In this test macro, I used try/catch:

:warning: Reminder: when experimenting with loops, make sure that you have a convenient way of cancelling the macro.

The original poster didn't indicate what he wanted if there's more than one copy of the icon on the page. It seems to me that your code will not click on any buttons if there's more than one button on the page. Maybe that's what he wants. but he might prefer clicking on the topmost copy of the button, which can be implemented with a simple modification to the code above.

If the word isn't found, then naturally checking additional times in a row will not change that result, unless someone is actively changing the page (a web browser?) while the macro is running. I'm slightly concerned that if this is the case, the macro might occasionally click in the wrong place because if the page is scrolling quickly, there might be a delay between image detection and mouse click. I think it could be made more reliable by removing the loop and having the user trigger the macro when the user wants the macro to run. It might even be possible to make it even more reliable by using Javascript to press the button instead, using the same idea of having the user trigger the macro.

True, but I think these concerns also fall under "it depends on the rest of your macro and your aims", so until @Radius has started work on a macro with an understanding of the basic ideas, and got back to us all with any problems, we won't know where help is needed in practice.

I marked it as "test" macro. It just shows the move or click mouse action and my personal choice of try/catch – which could easily not be the best fit for the OP's needs, for all I know.