Left Mouse Click Is Repeating... How to Make It "Single Click Only"?

I want it to click once only.

But sometimes fat finger causes it to accidentally hold an extra 100ms on the left mouse click
and it repeat clicks

Due to The mouse button: left button is pressed action (Pause until) [red color]

I'm pondering your problem. There may be more than one way to solve it, but it seems that the simplest solution is to replace your PAUSE action with the following two actions:

Notice that the first one says PRESSED, and the second one says NOT PRESSED. This forced the program to wait until the button is pressed and also released.

Personally, I think I'd do it a different way. I would pause if "MOUSEX()=0 AND MOUSEY()=0" is NOT true. That way the program will run as long as the mouse is anywhere on the screen, except the upper corner. This gives more flexibility, in my opinion.


Excellent! Problem solved immediately!

Another method I use a lot, because it's the best for me, is this:

What this will do is pause as long as the mouse (or keyboard) has been used in the last three seconds. This way, you can simply move the mouse to pause the macro. Once you stop moving the mouse for 3 seconds, the macro will continue. This is a really helpful technique, and I use it every day. I even put this statement inside loops in my macros, which means even the loops will pause if I move the mouse.

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Something new always! Thanks again.