Left mouse triple click does not select paragraph

Left mouse triple click is a basic Mac OS text selection command. I am using Catalina latest version.

When I mouse left triple click manually, the whole paragraph is selected, but the KBM mouse triple click action does not select the paragraph. The cursor simply stays put. It's a pain because it is a step in converting a paragraph into a link (which I insert as a second step).

thanks in advance for your time and help

Here is my mouse action. I also tried Hold instead of without dragging

I just tried it and it works on mine. Can you post a picture of your macro?

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Hello KC, thanks very much for looking into my problem.

To test it, please make sure that title (date+subject+sender) is really a multi-line paragraph.

both apple scripts work perfectly

I just wanted to see it. What happens if you put a 2 second pause before the click command? If the works, you can lower the pause. Try it.

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incredible !!! you are right !! I fell off my chair . thank yu so much !

sorry: on further testing, sometimes it works and most of the time not.

increasing to 3 seconds does not solve it either