Left Option vs Right Option Hotkey Trigger?

There are some programs that differentiate right option vs left option for shortcuts. Is there a way to do that on Keyboard Maestro? Thanks!

No, the Hot Key API only supports Option as a single modifier.

You can detect the different option keys using the USB Device Key trigger, so it is technically possible to write a set of four macros that detect the press and release of each option key, and then use the state from that to determine your action in your hot key triggered macro.

@peternlewis, thanks for the reply. Device key seems to apply to only one specific device. Do you have suggest to make it work to all keyboards like internal, usb, bluetooth, and so on?
I’m working on a project called Flo Tools that helps VoiceOver users to use Pro Tools. Pro Tools has about 500 shortcuts, and VoiceOver has about 250 shortcuts. Flo Tools now has macros with over 250 shortcuts
It’s pretty hard to come up with memorable shortcuts that don’t conflict with the main application as well as VoiceOver.
Is that possible for you look into CGEventTap for future release? This would allow fn key as modifier, as well as distinguish left vs right modifiers. Then we would have tons of different combinations for different shortcuts!
This would be huge help!

No, that is how USB Device Keys work. The Option key on a different device might be completely different.

You can have multiple triggers, so you can have one trigger for each device.

EventTaps are not the Hot Key system, they are two entirely different systems. Yes, it is possible to do things with the EventTap system that are similar (and indeed, Keyboard Maestro fakes Command-Tab using that system). But there are problems with that system that are not present in the Hot Key system.