Let fn⇧arrows execute ⌘⇧arrows

I use fn⇧ shortcut and arrows to highlight texts all the time but I can’t use it in iTunes. I would have to use ⌘⇧ shortcut instead. So I tired to create an action to “Type a keystoke” in KM but couldn’t type either of the previous shortcuts.

“This hot key” option won’t allow me to type fn⇧ but I can typefn if I choose “This device key” option then I would be able to add ⇧ modifier. After that I basically don’t no what to do. When I pick “Type a keystroke” action I can’t type ⌘⇧. Is there a way to make fn⇧ excecute ⌘⇧?

The Fn key is not a real key, not a modifier like Option or Shift, but instead is a hardware toggle, that toggles the meaning of the function keys between their function key behaviour and their hardware key behaviour.

So generally it cannot be used or simulated by Keyboard Maestro.

I don’t know what Fn⇧ does. You can try setting it as a hot key, but the Fn key wont be recorded, only the result of Fn⇧, whatever that is.

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fn⇧ basically highlights texts, not as good as ⌘⇧ but it gets the job done at least in small sentences, otherwise it will highlights from corsor point to end of the document witch is not practical. If I want to highlight from cursor point to end of the line I would have to use ⌘⇧.

I also use fn⇧ in audio editing, Thats probably the reason I like it so much. I’m just too familiar with it. I guess I’ll stick to ⌘⇧. It’s not that bad anyway.

I don’t use function keys anyway, so I’ll change the fn key’s action from system preferences and make it perform as a ⌘ action.

Update #1:
Changing the function of the fn key seemed like a good idea at first. I was able to use fn⇧arrows in iTunes to highlight texts but then realized that ⌘⇧arrows cannot work as fn⇧arrows in certain apps so now I’m back to where I was before. I’ll send Apple a suggestion to allow fn⇧ shortcut to work in iTunes. it’s the only app, as far as I know, that cannot respond to fn⇧arrows.

Update #2:
I started using BetterTouchTool app to make fn⇧arrows execute ⌘⇧arrows for iTunes only. It’s working for now. I remember BTT to have some issues in the past. If that happens again I’ll contact BTT support. I don’t want to delete it again, it’s a wonderful app.