Limiting Macro Group to nvALT

I use the awesome nvALT for my quick note needs. I want to alter some of the key behavior but am running into some trouble. Here’s what I think is causing trouble:

The nvALT window is summoned by a hot key. I activated a preference to hide the nvALT icon from the Dock because, hey, I hate dock clutter. The problem is that this seems to invalidate any attempts to restrict the macro group. Setting the group to be only active when nvALT is active doesn’t work and neither do any window state options.

I guess the broader question her is how do you create macro groups available to select apps when those apps are set to be hidden from the Dock and Tab Bar?

Yeah… Window Focus works poorly with non-windows.

Best option I can think of would be to have a series of macros and a macro group:

Macro 1: Activate the Nvalt macro group and trigger the Nvalt input window.

Macro group for nvalt: Just have the right macros in there.

Macro 2: Loop, checking on whether the nvalt window is available. (System events scripting should be able to look for windows of Nvalt whose visible is true or something like that). When the window is unavailable, it disables the nvalt macro group.

Kludgy as heck, I know.

Alternative approach: Have nvalt in the dock and go about your life. If you hate dock clutter so much, there are dock replacement apps out there like DragThing (which hasn’t seen a major upgrade in a while but is still under active maintenance and development) or uBar that give you a lot more control.

Have nvalt in the dock and go about your life

Pretty much what I'll do. It's NBD in the grand scheme. I should switch over to the KM tab bar anyway.

Yeah... Window Focus works poorly with non-windows.

Window Focus works perfectly fine when the dock icon is enabled. Am I misunderstanding what a window is?

Just that when there’s no dock icon they don’t act like normal windows to the system.