Linking in a BusyCal Event

Using the BusyCal Application Version 3.6.5.

Basically looking for away to either shorten the trigger URL or hypertext it to a field in BusyCal.

Only way I have found to get it to input correct is using AppleScript. Using the tab key gets mixed (mostly fail) results.

I used the below script. The area and fields vary depending on selection of field so I have a screenshot on my info panel preferences as well.

set theLink to "kmtrigger://macro=MyLink"
tell application "System Events"
   set value of text area 4 of scroll area 2 of splitter group 1 of splitter group 2 of splitter group 1 of window 1 of application process "BusyCal" to theLink
end tell

16%20PM .

BusyCal's side panel is minimized horizontally to the max so all that displays is "kmtrigger://macr".

Any way to just display the "MyLink" part? If I could type a keystroke instead I could do styled text with hypertext but don't know if that is possible.

Any ideas would have my many thanks!

Hey Josh,

As far as I can see none of the info-panel fields support either rich-text links or hyperlinks.

The URL fields make a full-text URL clickable, and that's all.

It's pretty lame, but then again the Busy Apps people are trying to maintain compatibility with the Apple Calendar.

You could float a feature suggestion at them and see what happens.


Ok thanks!