"List from file" action cannot read lines that contains double underscore


If the file has a line that contains a double underscore, then that line is not listed
line 1
line 3

the issue is, the "line__2" will not be listed. If I change it to "line_2", with only one underscore then it works

Hi @suryakm - nice to see you here.

The Prompt with List action is behaving exactly as documented in the KM wiki here:

Read it to see why lines with a double underscore are treated differently.

Thank you Tiffle. Is there a way to escape double underscore?

Not that I know of, sorry.

Hey @suryakm,

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Here's one idea.

A ╠▓ ╠▓Excellent
B ╠▓ ╠▓Good
C ╠▓ ╠▓Average
D ╠▓ ╠▓Poor

These have a combining low line instead of an underscore.

&#818;  == The HTML entity.

It might serve your needs, or there might be another character that will.

You can Search and Replace it, so you can simulate the double underscore in your list and then massage your output to suit.


Thank you @ccstone. I was moving in a similar direction. But was using the "Execute shell script" and fixing the string as desired with bash! LOL. But, the "Search and Replace" recommendation looks much simpler.

I ended up using backslash "\" as the escape character. So, the line would look like "line\_\_2" instead of "line__2", in my text file. Once that line is selected, then added block Search and Replace to convert it back to "line__2"

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