List of ALL keyboard shortcuts?

This may be a bit off-topic for KM, however I figure if anybody out there knows, they're either here or they're working for Apple.

While macOS is running, every keystroke is evaluated to see if it's a match for a shortcut of some kind. This includes shortcuts defined by the current app (such as ⌘S for "File → Save", ⌘C for "Edit → Copy", etc.) as well as system-wide shortcuts like ⌃⌘⇧4 to take a screenshot of a highlighted area of the screen, plus any shortcuts defined by programs like KM.

Is there a way to see a list of EVERY active shortcut, including the current app, the OS, all custom shortcuts defined in System Preferences, and any shortcuts defined using KM?

I ask because every once in a while I'll try to use a shortcut that should work but doesn't, and I can't figure out where it's defined so I can change it. This morning it was "⌘", which is an "app shortcut" in BBEdit, but was instead pulling up 1Password. I spent several minutes with System Preferences trying to figure out where the shortcut was defined - turns out 1Password is using some other API for this, and the only place to change it is within 1Password's in-app preferences window.

The closest thing I've been able to find is "CheatSheet", but that seems to only show the shortcuts defined by whatever app currently has the focus. I'm hoping there's something out there which can show ALL of them - even if it's a command line tool. (And if not, if I can find the time I may write it myself.)

Hey John,

No, there's no perfect method that shows every keyboard shortcut without fail.

The best available utility is KeyCue from Ergonis Software. At 19.99 Euros it's not cheap, but I've owned and renewed it for nearly 20 years now – and it's kept me from pulling my hair out on many occasions.

KeyCue displays System, Application, and Keyboard Maestro Hot Keys.



I too have used KeyCue for years. If you can afford it, you won't be disappointed.

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I remember looking at KeyCue at the same time I was looking at Keyboard Maestro (April 2018). It seemed like they both did basically the same thing, but KM offered more configurability in the actions it could perform when a macro fired, so that's the one I spent the money on.

Did I miss something, does KeyCue offer something that KM doesn't? I don't mind paying for it as well, if it's going to provide some value that KM can't. (Plus, now that I'm thinking about it, there's a little part of me that wants to figure out how to write my own little utility to list the keyboard shortcuts. Haven't played with the macOS APIs in a few years, $DAYJOB keeps me pretty busy.)

Check out ShortcutDetective

ShortcutDetective detects which app receives a keyboard shortcut

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Not even close.

Keyboard Maestro is a macro utility.

KeyCue is a keyboard shortcut display utility with a few other features.

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