List of triggers

I am setting up macros for Vectorworks but there are so many I get lost! Have grouped by function, e.g. align or duplicate and off-set, with different generic keyboard combinations. However, is there any way to create a list of macros and triggers so I can keep tabs on the plethora of macros created. Am not very systematic and would help greatly.

If you Add A Smart Group (File > New Smart Group or image in the bottom left of the Keyboard Maestro editor window below the Groups), enter these values:

This will list every macro. Using the buttons in the header bar at the top of the list, you can order these macros by name (left image or image ) or by trigger (right image or image).

For reference, here's a link to the KM Wiki page detailing the Search Strings you can use for a smart folder.

WOW! That was so easy and sooo helpful. Worth looking dumb sometimes :slight_smile:

There is already a built-in smart group for this:


You can use a Smart Group to list all macros related to Vectorworks, if you provide a common keyword in the name of each related macro, like "@VW" (I usually put this keyword at the end of the name).

For example:


This matches macros whose name contains "@DEV" (case insensitive).

Whoopsie. (*facepalm*)