List Windows in Current Space - to Move Them Into Columns

Hi Guys

I have been trying to find a way to list windows in current space, but without a success. Do you know any way of doing that? I often need to arrange apps in 2 or 3 columns (left, right), (left, middle, right) and I thought that I will try to do a script that does that. Takes 2 or 3 front most apps and move them using KM move and resize feature. I can list app windows using apple script and System Events but I haven't found a way to connect app window with space number since I don't want to mess with windows on different space than currently selected.


You can use the action activate the app, then use the action to find the window position or just simply activate the app and move to here, then you will know where is each app locate in your screen.

I try to do something like that:

  1. Space

mail, chrome, terminal, textedit

  1. Space

calendar, safari

Now I wan't to create macro that will take first 3 windows from the space and arrange into columns, so on space 1 it would resize windows so they are in 3 columns. If I run the macro on space 1 I don't wan't windows from space 2 to be affected. So I don't know the apps before and I can't really activate them.

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