Little approach I use to quickly prototype new macros

I use this little workflow a lot now that helps me to quickly test out ideas I am working on.

I have a single macro called test put in my general global group so it can be ran from any app.

It looks like this for me :

Say I want to create some macro, any macro. Unless it is super simple and I can do it straight away, I just make the macro straight away. If not, I usually use this test macro to quickly make it out as I want.

The reason for that is that I can assign a hotkey I prefer to calling it. In my case I actually call this test macro externally from Karabiner but you can assign any hotkey you like for it.

Then I use this macro :

go to test macro.kmmacros (2.3 KB)

Which by pressing ⌃ + C will go to this test macro instantly.

Once I am done playing with the macro and I am happy with it, I transfer the actions from it to what my actual macro I wanted to make with the name and everything.

I also use this test macro often to test out new ideas or new KM8 features. :slight_smile:

And sometimes use it to test out some applescript or JXA code although the latter is still :sparkles: to me.

In any way, I hope this was interesting and useful to some of you. Perhaps you have some similar system you use to rapidly prototype and test macros.


Yep, I do much the same, although for me it is for when I am testing something, or setting something up to post some actions on the forum, or the like. The Test macro has a standard hot key (for me, Hyper-A), Status Menu trigger, and Typed String trigger, and sometimes others if I am testing triggers.

Very handy to have a playground macro, so you know you can just delete all the actions next time and start again.

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