Location helper use with KM - a more elegant solution?

I wonder if there is a more elegant solution in using Location helper to get the coordinates. I found out that if I just run it with apple script, it commonly shows the previously detected coordinates, and not the current ones. The solution I found is to quit it right before I run every time, but I thinking there must me a more elegant solution available.

Here is what I do now:

and then

Here is an alternative to your current workflow. This one waits for the application to quit instead of waiting an arbitrary amount of time.

I don't have Location Helper, so I used Preview as a substitute in the actions:

Quit and Get Coords.kmmacros (3.0 KB)

Macro image

As for this:

Ideally, we shouldn't need the quit/restart workaround.
I think the two most likely scenarios are:

  • Location Helper is not providing the correct data via AppleScript
  • Some other part of your Keyboard Maestro workflow is causing confusion with the variable

I would try to run the AppleScript by itself in Script Editor and get the results directly. If you get the wrong coordinates, I would submit a bug report to the developer of Location Helper.

If it turns out Location Helper is working as expected, please upload the entire macro so we can take a look.

Thank you @avtraino, I’ll try your method!