Logic - Pitch Bend Automation Macro

I don't know if this could be useful for other musicians or not, but it will be for me.
I also don't know how other DAWs work when it comes to pitch bend values, etc, so feel free to adapt to your DAW if it's different than Logic.

Quick explanation:
When a software instrument's pitch bend range is set to a particular number and I want to perform a pitch bend that goes to a particular note, I usually test different values on the automation "node" until it sounds good.
With this macro, I just need to add the pitch bend's range on the instrument and the desired pitch bend I want to perform and it will give me the amount I need to apply to the node.

Read the comment as I think it's clear enough, but any question, feel free to ask.
Hope it's helpful to others as well!

Logic - Pitch Bend Automation Macro (v11.0.3)

Logic - Pitch Bend Automation.kmmacros (8.1 KB)

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