Logic Pro - Search Projects for Plugins in the Finder

This is my implementation of a php script developed by @beely that will return information about the plugins used by Logic Pro projects selected in the Finder.

Use case examples:


Problem: Geist 1 is no longer supported and I know that one day I'll upgrade MacOS to find that all the projects that use it are suddenly unplayable.

Solution: I select my Sessions folder, trigger this macro, and search for "Geist". After a short while, I am presented with a list of all projects that use that plugin, and am able to open each one and freeze/bounce each instance.


Problem: I want to open a project that contains plugins not installed on my system. What's the easiest way to determine what they are?

Solution: I run this macro and use the Uninstalled function which returns a list of all plugins I'll need to install before opening the session.

Plugin Report.kmmacros (86.9 KB)



Change the path in the green action to point to your copy of the lrep php script. Download it here.

In Use:

Select a Logic Project or a folder that contains multiple Logic Projects and run this macro. (Subfolders are supported.)

This will pop up:

CleanShot 2022-07-02 at 13.44.21

If you're running this on a single project file or a folder with a few inside, it should run very quickly. If you're running it on your entire projects folder with hundreds or thousands of files in, plan on a coffee break. :coffee:

By default, search results will be trimmed to include only information about the latest project Alternative. If a single project is selected, you can choose "All" from the dropdown to include all previous Alternatives too. (This option will not appear if a folder of projects is selected.)

Show Uninstalled and Show All will run their respective commands, and Search will open a second prompt before searching the Finder's selection for that particular plugin:

CleanShot 2022-07-01 at 12.29.01

Finally, a clean and readable report is displayed at the centre of the screen.