Logic Pro - Stem bouncing with title auto populating?

Hello! I am new to Keyboard Maestro and am trying out some auto bouncing stems macros in Logic which has been great so far. However I would like to able to bounce out the files with the project name auto populating, in the format "Project name_instrument stem" for example "SongXYZ_piano".

After adding the ⌘B Bounce instruction I tried adding "Insert Text by Typing" to fill this in. I guessed a variety of commands that didn't work, for example



What is the correct command to have this auto-populate with my project title?

Thank you in advance for any help!

The available Tokens are listed on the wiki. You should probably also read about Tokens in the manual to ensure you are understanding the way they work.

The FrontWindowName token will get the name of the front window. Note that you will want to ensure you read that name before switching to another window (I don't know how the “Bounce” thing works, but if it brings up another window, then the token will get the name of that window, not the name of your project window). Also, it's possible the name of the window has no connections to your project name - I don't know Logic so I can't say.

So you might do something like:

The last %Variable%WName% is a Variable token which is used for inserting variable values in to the text.

This would require that the variable named “SessionName” is set somewhere to something useful.

Forgive me, but the term "stems" gets misused a lot, so for clarity:

If you mean "parts" (as in each track), you could try the Bounce Tracks macro here, which automates bouncing multiple tracks in one go.

If you actually mean "stems" (bounced subgroups of parts), then you can try the macro below, which automates part of the process of a single bounce.

Bounce Part-Stem.kmmacros (65 KB)

Macro screenshot

In Use:

Set up your stem bounce (track solos, etc.) and then hit ⌥⌘B to automate the bounce settings and auto-naming.

You will be prompted for a stem name, which will default to the name of the currently selected track (you'll see what I mean).

The macro ends at the Bounce dialog, so you can choose a destination folder and hit ↵ to start the bounce.

Thank you for the reply and explanation! I tried this out and it works however in Logic the front window is displayed as "Song Title - Tracks", so that "- Tracks" text comes along with %FrontWindowName%.

Is there a way to automatically omit that text or another way to pull the project name?

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Thank you for these, I tried them out however I couldn't get them to work past the first bounce step and I'm so new with this program I can't really tell what is going wrong in the macro. I have been using this one which is simple but would work for my needs if I can get the project title to be auto populated.
Bounce Stems REVISED.kmmacros (59.8 KB)

The first one requires you to ensure the simulated keystrokes in the green actions correspond with your Logic Pro key commands. There's not much else that can go wrong beside that. Does it get as far as a single bounce?

The second one should just work. What happens, if anything, when you run it?

Both my suggestions do this. It's easier to see in the second one, if you look in the first group, "Get Project Name".

(Also, if you're new to KM, make sure the macros you downloaded are enabled. A lot of people get caught out by that!)

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Any luck?