Logic Pro X Select A Track in Logic


Hello there, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to create a Keyboard Maestro macro similar to this Soundflow one that uses Java to make a function that will allow one to hit a key command in KM that prompts the user to search by name a track in their currently open Logic Pro project. I am trying to use Apple Scripts and am not finding a clean way to do this and wondering if maybe it just isn't possible. Thanks for your help in advance!

Thinks This sounds like a job for @noisneil ...

I think this post on the Logic Pro Help forum is correct in advising that better track organisation is a better method than a search system would be – for most Logic Pro users. I do not presume to know your specific needs, of course, but I thought that this view was worth mentioning.

Do yourself a favour and buy PlugSearch. The beta of v4 now has a track search function, as well as a host of useful features. It won't be long before this version is released and it works much more smoothly than anything I could cobble together.

Ah amazing! I just reached out to Rinus and received the beta and thanks so much for letting me know about it! This works perfectly!

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