Login, Password, Keychain (substitute 1Password?)

Hello, I have been using the 1Password utility for years and it has been of great service to me, agreed.
But, despite the publisher's unbearable insistence (?!) to force me to subscribe to a monthly license for its latest version 8 (which I refuse), I am looking for an alternative to the "automatic" entry of my web accesses, with login and password.

NB: sorry for my poor English, I use an automatic translator.

I've had KM license for years and tried to find a way to implement it to replace 1Password.
The idea here is obviously to ensure the best possible security. Here is a small tip on a solution that I submit to you.

The other question that I also submit to you: is this solution sufficiently “secure”?... It's up to you to tell me.

So, create macros available for all web browsers, and easily accessible from the macOS Menu bar, automating the entry of logins and passwords.

As ccstone just confirmed to me on the forum (many thanks to him), "Keyboard Maestro cannot get internet passwords from keychain - only generic passwords". Using the iCloud Keychain would have been THE most obvious and secure solution, but it doesn't work, too bad!... So, we have to find an alternative.

The pitfall would be to present in a file a perfectly readable list explicitly associating:
1 - the name of the service (for example forum.keyboardmaestro.com),
2 - login,
3 - and password.
The solution I propose would be to split these three items by assigning them a “codifier” index, THEN to bring them together thanks and exclusively with KM. Once again, tell me if the idea is good. Thanks.

1 - Create a first “text” Clipboard for the login (ex: your-log-aA1) AND give it a name (ex: aA1).
2 - Create a second “text” Clipboard for the password (ex: your-pw-aA1) AND give it another name (ex: bB1).
3 - Create a last “text” Clipboard, containing only the “space” character which will be called to “empty” the Clipboard of its last content.



All that remains is to create a Group (here “Logs”), assign it an icon to your liking, allow it to be displayed in the menu bar regardless of the active application and add its own macro at forum.keyboardmaestro.com.


Well, welcome... :slightly_smiling_face:

Getting this to work automatically and unobtrusively is going to take a lot of work – plus a fair understanding of JavaScript and other tools.

You'll also lose access to any iOS tools.

This is probably a better option than rolling your own:

There's a lot more discussion on TidBITS Talk about 1Password and alternatives if you're interested.

Yes, I should have specified that the solution proposed here was exclusively “local”, which corresponds to my concern at the moment.

Thanks for the info about TidBITS, unfortunately JavaScript and other tools are out of my reach... :confused: