Login / Unlock looping

Macbook Pro M1
MacOS 13.2.1
KM 10.2

I created my first very simple "triggered when mac is unlocked" macro, and can't figure out why it's looping (repeating without any trigger I see).

It doesn't loop indefinitely, so it's not triggering itself. Usually about 5-10 times.

I do use Amphetamine.app which helps keep the mac awake. That's the only app I can think of that would interfere, but I'm not sure that it has always been running when this macro loops. I'll keep a closer eye on it going forward.

Anyone else seen this issue?

Hey James,

Post your macro, so we have something to troubleshoot.


Ok. It just triggers another macro. I checked log files (and ran it manually) and am certain that that second macro isn't triggering this one.

Maybe my apple watch set to auto-unlock is a culprit? It is pretty unreliable.

The second macro is nothing fancy. Launch omnifocus, launch obsidian, move some windows around with Moom, etc.


Please post an actual copy of your macro:

When login in morning, trigger f5.kmmacros (2.5 KB)

I don't see any odd behavior on my system using Keyboard Maestro 10.2 and macOS 10.14.6.

But that macro should not run, unless you've locked your computer.

Is your system set to require a manual log-in after being locked?

Under System settings > Users & Groups: Auto Log-in is disabled due to FileVault being on. Yes I enter my password (or unlock automatically with apple watch) after screen saver, etc. Under "Lock Screen" it is set to require password immediately after screen saver or display is turned off.

Take the Apple Watch out of the equation and see what happens.