Logitech G13 keys not working

Is there a step to make a Logitech G13 to work with KM? When I click on the buttons, KM only recognizes some, not all buttons as a trigger. Please advice.


Hey Murat,

Are you using Logitech's driver software?

If not then you might try USB Overdrive. It makes all of the buttons on my Logitech G400s mouse available to Keyboard Maestro.


I do have the Logitech drivers installed. I will give the USB Overdrive a shot. Thanks for your response.

Are there any users on this forum using Login G13? I am considering the XKeys but the price is hard to justify.

Also, since I need more buttons, do you think the Logo G600 would work?

Hey Murat,

No idea, but you could ask Alessandro (the developer of USB Overdrive).


He might (or might not) know.


Hello, same problem with Logitech Ergo K860. Everything works with native macros. KM no.
Disabled native macros, does not help

As a general rule, if you want to use a device directly with Keyboard Maestro, you don't want any driver installed.