Logitech Mx Master Compatilibty

I would like to buy a MX Master Mouse in order to optimize my workflow with Keyboard Maestro. I have already purchase a KM license and I’m using it.

I would like to know if it will be possible to receive in KM all MX Master button as triggers. I suppose scroll/thumb wheel can’t be a a trigger but what about shift mode/forward/back/thumb/wheel buttons?
Has MX Master been tested officially? Is there anyone using it?


Hey, Alberto

Sure, it is more than possible.
I am using Logitech G602 and using almost every button as a trigger, you just need to assign combination of keys to mouse buttons in the Logitech software, then you should add this combination as a trigger in KM.

+1 to this. you can assign keyboard combinations to almost all the keys, which can be triggers to KM macros.

Ok Kreal! Thank you.

So the way to receive in KM a trigger is to assign in logitech software a keyboard key, for example F13 to F19 keys are suitable for this. But some keyboard keys are going to be used for this. There isn't anyway to send a key command not related to keyboard? I mean: Can I say to KM "Button Mouse x has been pressed"?

I see Logitech Software is really powerful, but KM really more, so I would like to manage the device with KM

Anyway assigning F13 to F19 can be a interesting fix for me

Hey Alberto,

You can assign any key combination or F13 to F19 to any mouse button

Then you should assign this key combination in KM macro as "hotkey trigger" to run your macro


Nice! I purchased today the mouse and the logitech software is really powerful. I thought I could assing a Fx key for each button, but I have to add a keystroke (SHIFT + Fx), but it’s ok...thank you for helping.