Logitech R400 presenter and Keynote key presses


I got a Logitech R400 USB wireless presenter. Skipping slides in Keynote works out-of-the-box, but start-the-presentation does not work in Keynote, as it maps to Powerpoint.

But I’d love to use it with Keynote, too. I found a website that claims that Keyboard Maestro can map that with custom binding KM-binding-for-R400 (Source: http://gdgts.de/logitech-presenter-r400/).

But it doesn’t trigger the action, no matter whether I’ve got FN keys directly enabled (without FN key) or not.

Does anyone have an idea?


You have to enable the macro group before. The macro group has been set up like this:

That means:

  1. Keynote has to be frontmost
  2. Then you can enable the group either by…
  • pressing F1
  • clicking the entry in the global macro palette
    → You should see a note like this popping up:
  1. Now you can trigger the macros contained in the group.