Long click

I feel like this is a simple one. I had a few Googles but couldn't figure it out.

I'm automating some stuff via an Android emulator, so I need to be able to long press on certain objects. How can I do that in Keyboard Maestro?

You might have success using the press and hold setting of a Type a Keystroke action.

Read the discussion in the post "KM 7.0: Type a keystroke action and repeat, hold".

The obvious first thing to try, if you're yet to, is:

  • click and hold mouse button
  • pause
  • release mouse button
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Oh, we're talking about pressing a mouse button? I guessed wrong.

I figured it out myself just now and wanted to let you guys know!

yeah i didn't see that modifier "and hold" until just now

thanks! have a nice day



If you have any tips that might help anyone facing a similar task, please jot them down here. Some poor soul searching the forums one day may be glad of it.

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